BANDI Large Pocket Belt

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Bandiwear Large Pocket Belt 28-42" is an alternative to wristlets, fanny packs, or bulky cell phone arm bands that provides a simple, fast and smart solution to securely stash your stuff while exercising, traveling, or on-the-go. The belt is small and thin enough to wear under or over clothes. The sleek zipper-less belt has an adjustable strap to fit your waist preventing it from riding up and is so comfortable that you'll forget you have it on, and prevents it from riding up.

There are three pockets that divides and stores your items so they don't move around in the belt. The main pocket divides into two pockets and a smaller pocket to the left of the main pocket. The sleek clasp in the back makes the belt easy to put on and take off. Simply clip it, size it, and fill it. Bandiwear Large Belt has a phone pocket size of 7.5" x 3.5" that is compatible with standard and plus sized smart phones such as iPhone or iPhone plus, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy. The stretch fabric accommodates most phones with cases. You can stash your phone, keys, money, ID, medicine, nutrition bars, asthma inhaler and many other small essentials. The belts are flip tested approved ensuring that your stuff is secure and won't fall out when flipped upside down. This unique storage system is made with quality in mind so it will last you several running seasons and is machine washable. Use this belt for all kinds of activities including hiking, walking, jogging, camping, fitness, workouts, cycling, dancing, traveling, cleaning, shopping and many more. Bandiwear has a belt extender to fit fuller figures more comfortably.