4ocean Coral Reef Bracelet

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Coral reefs are found in 109 countries around the world, and in 93 of them, the coral colonies have experienced significant degradation, almost entirely due to human activity. Climate change is undeniably the largest contributor to coral bleaching events. Coral bleaching occurs through prolonged heat stress from higher temperatures - the ocean absorbs around 90% of the planet's excess heat. Even coral that manages to survive bleaching is weaker, struggles to grow and reproduce, and is more vulnerable to disease.

About a quarter of the world's coral reefs are already considered damaged beyond repair. Ocean plastic smothers coral reefs, further weakening them and causing abrasions that often lead to deadly infections. If we don't intervene now, coral reefs could disappear entirely in a matter of decades.

  • Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines.
  • Cord manufactured in China from 100% certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, including less than 5% reclaimed ocean plastic
  • Clear beads are manufactured in China from 95% certified post-consumer recycled glass bottles, including less than 5% reclaimed ocean glass
  • 4ocean charm manufactured in China from 95% recycled stainless steel
  • Hand assembled by artisans in Bali
  • Unisex, waterproof, adjustable design
  • Includes "1LB" vinyl decal
  • Component manufacturing process and recycled content are audited and verified by GreenCircle