Meet Our Staff

Angie Gard

Angie began her yoga journey in a gym 20 years ago with the intention of stretching out after her "real workout," and quickly discovered the mental and physical benefits of practicing yoga. After 10 years of her own practice she decided she wanted to help others, and became a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. With a healthcare background, she started helping cancer patients with yoga through the St. Luke's system and Sarah Canon. She states that she finds strength, courage, and motivation every time she rolls out her mat whether as a student or instructor.  



Headshot of Anita Bailey, Yoga instructor

​Anita Bailey

Anita’s compassionate and calm style of teaching invites you to begin a yoga practice with acceptance of where you are in your personal journey and open your heart to the gradual process of self-discovery. Her passion is to teach others how to unwind and consciously relax as a pathway to living well. She brings over 15 years of experience teaching yoga. The foundation of her training includes: Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga; 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training, Chair Yoga and Yoga Nidra. In addition, she earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science—Physical Therapy. 


Amy Stetzler

Amy has been practicing yoga for close to 20 years before getting certified. She is a Veteran, mother of 2 adults, and a multi-passionate woman who is excited to see where this next chapter of life takes her. Yoga to Amy is a personal journey that can be taken for many different reasons. It is an honor to share this practice, and she hopes to see you on the mat.





Kerry Chafin

Kerry is a driven rock climber, mother, and yoga teacher. Since 2008 she has explored her personal practice developing a style and approach that is both exciting and practical. Her quest for exploration extends to all areas of her life. Using yoga to strengthen, center, and challenge brings her quest for adventure and fun to the mat.

Kerry is known for her lighthearted classes filled with equal parts humor and challenge. She brings creative sequencing and thoughtful intention to each class, all to help guide her students to growth and healing. Whether she is routesetting at local climbing gyms, camping with her kids, or 70 feet up at the crag, Kerry has found that finding a flow through life is essential to fulfillment. Mental and physical challenges can be met with energy, intention, and humor which her practice encompasses. Her latest expedition is to bring the passion and excitement of yoga to anyone who is ready to roll out their mat and explore their practice with love, humor, and a sense of adventure. 


Kari Crandall

Kari is a trail-running, outdoor-seeking, adventurer who has a passion for fitness and helping others. Trained in Hatha yoga she uses her practice to help connect the mind to the body for an introspective practice. She began her practice in 2012 as a way to enhance her mental health and now shares her love and knowledge of yoga with others. She is authentic in her teaching style, so be prepared to breathe deep, smile, and laugh a little as you move through asanas. You'll leave feeling lighter, stronger, and happier. When Kari isn't in the gym or the studio she is running around trying to keep up with her two children. As a BSA den leader of cub scouts, she can be found on nature adventures or camping in the woods.


Jody Molina