Meet Our Staff

Julia Davis

Julia Davis, Studio On Main instructor

Julia has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years. In 2020 she expanded her practice beyond asanas (physical poses) and dived deeper into yoga philosophy, breath work, mindfulness and meditation. Julia has volunteered at a Kansas City yoga studio for a year, before she took her Yoga Teacher Training there. Her yoga flow is a movement based practice that connects mind and body, internal and external, universal and individual. She likes strong Vinyasa Flow, HIIT yoga, yin yoga, and deep stretching. She is a mother of two teenagers and a Montessori Teacher of 27 little humans.




Tina Duer

Tina’s first experience with yoga was at a local gym. “I had no idea how much I needed yoga until yoga became a part of my physical fitness journey. Yoga became my peaceful place to connect with my body, breath and inner self. I fell in love with yoga.”

She received her 200 RYT in 2018 from KC Yoga Kula. Tina holds additional certificates in Yoga for Veterans with PTSD from Veterans Yoga Project, Kids Yoga from Zen Zone Yoga, Yoga Barre from Honor Yoga, and Yin Yoga from Lotus Care KC.

Tina’s passion is to help others feel nourished, balanced, and abundant through asanas, breath work and meditation.




Debby Laufer

Debby has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. She is a Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, as well as Peak Pilates, Pop Pilates. YogaFit, Schwinn Cycle and BodyPump Certified. Her favorite fitness moments are the great people she meets and hearing stories of how people used fitness to overcome their personal obstacles. When not teaching, she enjoys hiking or cycling with family and friends.


Angie Gard


​Michala Zimmerman


Kerry Chafin


Jody Molina