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Bike Rental - $5 for one hour
Please call to schedule.

Hanging Meditation - $20 for one hour
Please call to schedule.

Yoga Fitness
Instructor: Kerry Chafin
Get fit and feel good with yoga! This class is full of movement, we will start slow and work up to standing balance poses, and will end with a quiet resting pose. We hope you're ready to give your body the balance of energy and relaxation that it deserves.

Yoga Flow
Instructor: Kerry Chafin
Put your mind at ease with specific poses designed to give you a feeling of flowing like a river and being one with the world around you. This class will help you link your breath with movement, find better balance, increase your flexibility, and quiet down the busy brain. An excellent way to unwind after a long day.

Introduction to Spin
Instructor: Jody Molina
Looking to ease back into biking? This class is designed to help you get comfortable on the bike, and is only 30 minutes long. Bike to fun, upbeat music to help motivate you. Space limited to 8 cyclists.

Yoga Fitness Flow
Instructor: Angie Gard
Feel your body getting into shape with the energy that yoga can bring. More intense than basic yoga, this class incorporates breath and movement, along with occasionally using weights and foam rollers. Designed to get your heart beating and your blood pumping as you improve balance, breathing, and strength.

Vin Yin Yoga
Instructor: Anita Bailey
Vin Yin Yoga moves in sync with breath. Relax as this class begins with 30 minutes of flowing postures to enhance strength and balance followed by nourishing postures for flexibility and peaceful mind. Pure bliss. Perfect for all levels of practice.

Sunset Restorative
Instructor: Amy Stetzler
A more gentle, low to ground class designed to help you work on your breath as you are guided into poses with the assist of blocks, straps, and bolsters to help deepen the stretch. Room will be candle lit and soft music.